Established in 2016 Yogi BearsZA is dedicated to serving the needs of the next generation of yogi's out there.

Using yoga in a fun, interactive and adventurous way we make this yoga practice accessible to children. School coupled with family dynamics and social pressures makes growing up extremely tough. Our goal is to remind every child that they are equipped with a super power, and that super power is their breath. It gives them a moment to pause and react as opposed to reacting and then pausing. It gives them stillness. This breath which we all have, has the power to make a tough life manageable.

“Bringing yoga, movement and mindfulness practices to children. Planting seeds of self-awareness and light for the next generation”♥


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What others have to say…

“My son Matt absolutely loves Yoga and Cami is amazing. So grateful for the opportunity to teach him mindfulness. These tools will stand him in good stead for later life.” - Sue Carruthers 

“I went through treatment for stage three cancer last year and my 7 year old was quite anxious as a result. These yoga classes taught him how to calm himself down. Yoga has so many benefits and I love that my kids get to learn about it and apply it in their lives. Also, Cami is simply amazing and kids relate so well to her.” - Karen Jackson 

“Yogi-bears comes highly recommended for all children! Cami is excellent with kids and my little girl just adores her. Absolutely love all her wonderful stories from each yoga class. Not only does it help with her physical strength and flexibility but they do an amazing job teaching her about mindfulness and kindness. The most precious gift we can give our kids💕” - Manisha Moodley